GCSE A Level Film Studies-Intro To Film Studies-Lesson Sequence Entacott

1.1 Shot Analysis Grid

1.1A Intro To The Key Elements

1.1A Extra Context + Metaphorical Links

1.1B Intro To Aesthetics

1.1B Train Robbery Note Grid

1.2 Film Riot (Viewing Questions)

1.2 Mise En Scene Peal Grid

1.2 Threes En Scene

1.3 Mise En Scene

1.3 Riddick Micros

1.4 [Article] Intro To Film Setting

1.4 Expression Through Film Setting

1.4 Setting

1.5 A+B Comparing Fight Scenes

1.6 Editing Techniques Grid

1.6 Editing

1.7 Soundtrack Analysis Grid

1.7 Soundtrack Toolkit (Language)

1.7 Understanding Soundtrack

1.8 Advanced Aesthetics

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