GCSE A Level Film Studies-Hollywood-Some Like It Hot-Lesson Sequence Entacott

[Article] Bılly Wılder, Auteur

[Article] Did Hollywood Kill Marilyn Monroe

[Article] Marilyn Monroe Artist And Auteur

[Article] Marilyn Monroe İn Some Like It Hot

[Article] Marilyn Monroe Vs 10 Great Directors

1.1 [Review] Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring

1.1 Auteur Theory Definitions And Questions To Consider

1.1 Auteur Theory Homework

1.1 Intro To Auteur

1.1 The End Of The Auteur

1.1 Studio Sysem Research Homework

1.2 The Hays Code (Homework)

1.2 Who İs Auteur

1.3 Some Like It Hot Viewing Booklet

1.4 Billy Wilder And The Hollywood Style

1.4 Billy Wilder Research Recording Sheet

1.4 Billy Wilder Research File

1.6 Marilyn Monroe

1.6 Monroe And The Production Of Slıh

1.7 Representation Theory İn Slıh

1.7 Respresentations İn Slıh

1.8 Context Assessment Mark Scheme

1.8 Context Assessment

1.9 Key Element Analysis

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