Aqa Gcse Physics-Magnets And Electromagnetism

7.1 Magnetic Fields

Flux Patterns Questions

P7.1 Magnetic Fields And Compasses

7.2 Magnetic Flux Density (Ht)

Calculating The Strength Of The Motor Effect

F=Bıl Questions 2

Fbıl Ms

Fbıl Worksheet

P7.2 Magnetic Flux Density

7.3 Motor Effect (Ht)

Electric Motor Learning Mat

P3.3.1 The Motor Effect Mark Scheme[1]

P3.3.1 The Motor Effect[1]

P7.5 Motor Effect

The Motor Effect

7.5 Electromagnets

Ac Generator

Dc Motor

Electromagnet Applet

Electromagnetic İnduction Learning Mat

Electromagnetism Plenary

P7.7 Electromagnets

Uses Of Electromagnets

7.6 Feed Forward Activity

P 2.6 Worksheet 7

7.7 Electromagnetic İnduction (Physics)

P7.8 Electromagnetic İnduction

7.8 Generator Effect (Physics)

Electric Generator Learning Map

7.9 10 Structure And Function Of A Transformer (Physics)

Charging Your Mobile

How Transformers Work

P7.10 11 Transformers

7.11 Transformer Calculations (Physics)


Transformers Ws


7.12 Feed Forward Activity

P3.3 Assessment Mark Scheme[1]

P3.3 Assessment[1]

P3.3.2 Transformers Mark Scheme[1]

P3.3.2 Transformers[1]

Aqa 8463 Hodder Magnets Book

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